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Mind over Matter – Part 2

In our last essay on Mind over Matter we dealt with the subtle aspects of mind, matter and the Self. Matter is what we perceive through the mind. When the mind is held in check and used as a tool … Continue reading

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Anatomy of our experience – the source

Thus we have two avenues to answer the question: “Who am I?”
• I am Consciousness!
• I am a product of my experience (or Vasana).
Our evolution in spirituality depends on the clarity and understanding of these two pathways and their interconnection. Anatomy of our experience helps us greatly in such understanding and clarity.
When consciousness gets connected with anything external to it, an experience is born. Continue reading

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Life – a collection of discrete events?

To look at life in a dispassionate manner, just like watching a movie, we need the ability to recognize the picture in each frame. Then we can enjoy life, just as we can enjoy the movie. The movie viewing experience can make us one with the story line in the movie. But, we see the separation as soon as we step out of the movie theater. Such ability to observe our own life is part of Self-Realization.
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